Yang Style “Long Stick” Taijiquan Seminar in France

We are pleased to announce a seminar on the Yang Style Taijiquan Long Stick Form, open to all levels, from Thursday November 10th til Sunday November 13th. The seminar will be held at GOUVILLE SUR MER, a small town on the  North West Coast, in Lower Normandy. The location has several cabins available for rental (May 31st is the recommended deadline for reservations).

The seminar will cover the 13 basic circles of the TAIJIGUN (Taiji Stick), the Short Form of the 13 Circles with martial applications, and study of a long form of “Sticky Stick” which corresponds to the 13 Basic Circles. The more advanced students will also be able to study a fast Form.

This seminar will be a total of 12 hours of classes (with possible private tutoring, TBD). Schedule is as follows:


Thursday   6pm-8pm

Friday       10am-noon, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Saturday   10am-noon, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Sunday     10am-noon



cabin (3 nights) + seminar = 250 euros ( food not included)

seminar only = 150 euros

2hr class = 30 euros

Videos will be available for sale during the seminar (filming DURING the seminar is forbidden!). Videos will cover the 13 Small Circles Form, applications and detailed analysis of each move, The Long Form in 3-part plus martial applications.

This seminar is the first in a long series which will allow students to develop a solid foundation in this rare and exciting art of the Tai Chi Stick.

A follow-up email with more detailed information will be sent shortly.


ARTAA: michel Dussauchoy

tél: 06 81 77 25 78


site :www.taijitao.org